• Outer Envelopes $2/envelope
  • Inner Envelopes (guest names only) $1/envelope
  • Set of Outer and Inner $2.50/set
  • Return Address (back flap of envelope) $1.25/envelope
  • RSVP Envelope $1.50/envelope
  • Place Cards/Escort Cards $.75
    • If paired with Envelopes as a package the Escort Cards are $.50
  • Menu $3.25


  • Custom Ink Color: $25 custom mixing fee + $0.25 per envelope
  • Gold or Silver Ink: $15 custom mixing fee + $0.25 per envelope
  • Flourish Accents: $0.25 & up per envelope
  • Stuff Invitations and Ship : $1.00 per envelope
  • Rush Order: +$25% of your total order
  • Contact me about custom work!


Standard turnaround is approximately two to three weeks from the time that I receive both your envelopes and final mailing list.  However, I do recommend that you book your order as soon as you know you would like to use my services to reserve the time in my calendar.  Please know that any delay in receipt of materials and/or final mailing list will result in delay to your return date as well.  I do offer quick turn around services (time permitting), those will be discussed on a case by case basis.  Contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your specific time line.


Contact me with your interest and detailed listing information (products desired, number of envelopes, color, design, etc...) and the date you need to receive the finished product.

I will check my schedule to ensure I have the capacity to complete your custom work.

Once details have been agreed upon, half of the payment will be due up front.

I will email you a photo of a Sample for you to look at prior to starting so you can confirm it is exactly what you dreamed of.

Mail me your envelopes (+20% extra) and e-mail your guest list in the appropriate format (see below).

The final half of the payment will be due prior to the pieces being delivered.

I will get started on your custom pieces and mail them back to you by your desired date.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you for tracking purposes upon shipment.


You are responsible for providing your own envelopes + 20% extra for human error/add ons. Extra unused materials will be returned back with the finished product unless you do not with to have them back.  I unfortunately DO NOT accept "Pearlized", coated or shiny envelopes as these do not take the ink well. 

Send me a copy of your guest list EXACTLY as you want them written. (i.e. Mr. & Mrs./Mr & Mrs/Mr. and Mrs., Street/St., Texas/TX, etc.).  I prefer your guest list be in an Excel spreadsheet format, but will accept any TYPED format.

Shipping is based off of order quantity and is generally shipped through UPS 2nd Day Air.  Price will vary.  Shipping confirmation will be sent with order. Once your order is shipped, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you for tracking purposes.